Friday, 10 April 2009

Assos earlyFallInteractive Base Layer Review

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Spring / Fall Base Layer

Offering an array of no less than seven base layers suitable for temperature ranges 0 to 39˚c the earlyFallInteractive is the lightest weight long sleeve layer and the newest addition to the collection. The stated operating range of this layer is 12-18˚c, although like all Assos ALS garments, this is a guideline and varies depending on one's own internal thermostat.

The material is stretchy and exceptionally comfortable, the fit skin tight. My size large fits me as well as my normal medium in Assos tops do, which suggests that it should be even close in fit - I would stick to your regular size rather than go up one. Available in black and white I could find no retailer offering the latter but this was not an issue as the black fitted my theory that cycle clothing intended to keep you warm should be black, and those to keep you cool should be white. I'll freely admit that this is of no consequence when the item in question is concealed under a jacket.

Having used this layer over winter and now spring, I've found it perfect from 6 to 15˚c when coupled with a jacket ranging from the winter staple airBlock 851 to the intermediateEvo which is seeing more regular use now the temperatures are climbing above 10˚c. Functionally it performs it's intended task exceptionally well - drawing moisture from the skin to preserve bodily warmth and enabling it to dry.

Comfortable, effective, looks great


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Assos Early Fall Base Layer

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