Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Welcome to Assos Fables

winter.ll bib tights 

A wise man once said "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing". Exactly who was the first to state this is lost in time, but the phrase is truer now than ever.

Cycling in inclement weather conditions can rarely be described as fun, but appropriate attire transforms the experience from chore to at a minimum, quite acceptable. The Swiss company Assos, whom this site will concentrate on, produce a complete range of clothing in undeniable quality to enable the serious cyclist to function all year round.

This site (I am reluctant to call it a blog, as I'm hoping it will be much more) is intended to be a collection of resources for Assos information, reviews and news. Having myself been a fan of the brand for barely more than six months, yet severely light of wallet as a result, I find myself keen to share the information that I stumble across and provide my own first hand experience of the products.

I hope there are fellow cyclist out there who I may help out as a result of this.

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  1. Any word if Assos will update their Roubaix TKnickers with an S5 pad?

    Is it possible to identify the season of an Assos garment using their model number?
    For example the winter LL FI Mille S5 bibtights are
    The last two digits are the color which in this instance is black