Saturday, 5 September 2009

New Assos Products Spring / Summer 2010

Official information and images have begun to emerge about Assos' 2010 spring / summer product line. The information below is translated and edited from the original German.

SS.Mille Short Sleeve Jersey
Colours: Black Volkanga, Blue Calypso, Yellow Volt, Red Swiss, White Panther
RRP: €129.00

Assos SS.Mille White 2010

The Mille introduces a third type of jersey to go alongside the Uno and .13. The main difference is in the fit with the Mille being a looser fit than the existing two, intended for riders of a larger build or for long distance riding. Assos say those that prefer a tighter fit can still wear the Mille, albeit in a size smaller.

Four different materials are used in strategic areas. The front and arms are in Assos' brand new "Type 151" which promises less volume and better breathability for more optimum body temperature regulation. This fabric is claimed to actively vary how breathable it is depending on perspiration. The back of the jersey is similar to the SS.13. Plasma fabric and the "stabiliser panel" keep the jersey central on the body when the pockets are loaded.

The jersey features a revised zip garage (as seen on the BMC squadraMondo jersey) and the usual 3 pockets plus a zipped smaller one.

LS.Mille Long Sleeve Jersey
Colours: Black Volkanga, White Panther
RRP: €139.00

Assos LS.Mille White 2010

This is the first long sleeve summer jersey Assos has offered, intended for cooler days or riders who want their arms protected from the sun. Assos suggest that with a warm base layer the jersey may be worn in autumn and winter. As with the SS.Mille, the cut is looser but only black and white colours are offered. Pockets are the same as the SS.Mille.

federationJersey Swiss and Brazil
Colours: Swiss, Brazil
RRP: €109.00

Assos federationJersey Swiss 2010

Assos federationJersey Brazil 2010

Assos has been the official designer and partner of the Swiss Cycling Federation for 8 years and to celebrate the 2009 World Championships in Assos' home territory of Ticino, they have redesigned the Swiss and Brazil jerseys to celebrate. The Kazakhstan jersey has been discontinued.

Like the Mille, the new federation jerseys are constructed from the new Type 151 fabric (details above) although the fit is described as between the Mille and the SS.Uno - neither too tight nor too loose.

Mille summerSocks
Colours: White
RRP: €13.00 (regular) €14.00 (high)

Assos Mille High Summer Socks

Based on the skinweb summer socks but with a design to match the rest of the Mille range. Available in two lengths - regular, like the skinweb and high - like the classicSocks.

Mille Summer Cap
Colours: White
RRP: €13.00

Assos Mille Summer Cap 2010

Not just the existing cap redesigned to match the Mille range, but a completely new cap. Constructed from a cotton and spandex mix for elasticity with a perspiration catching headband on the interior.

Mille Drinks Bottle
Colours: White
RRP: €3.90

Assos Mille Drinks Bottle 2010

A 500ml bottle with the new Mille design. Appears to be a Tacx bottle as with the previous design.

Individual availability for Mumu and SixDays
From summer 2010 it will be possible to buy the individual items from the Mumu and SixDays packs. The design of the kit remains unchanged.

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